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Velocity Language Learning Coming To Seattle!

Part of the fun stuff we do:
“Is there is a fast and easy way to learn a new language? In 1985, Powell Janulus was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for fluency in 42 languages. He could often show beginner fluency and comfortably converse in a new language in just a few months.

How was this possible? Did he have a unique gift, or was his ability something anyone can do? Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D., spent 7 years researching Powell’s unique abilities and developed a system that would allow anyone to accelerate their language learning. Paul Gossen refined this into the Velocity model for instant communication in any language.

Velocity is based an advanced experiential learning methodology that embeds sophisticated accelerated learning approaches into simple ideas, actions and games. This methodology is has been refined over 20 years by Marilyn Atkinson and has been intensively developed by Paul Gossen. The process has been tested by everyday people around the world an


Learn To Speak A Language In 2 Days?? My Personal Story!

Yes, you read that correct! This isn’t SEO related, but it is my own personal story of language learning!
Is It Possible To Learn To Speak A Foreign Language In 2 days? YES! This is my personal story from the last 3 months!

Have you ever wished you could learn a second or third language really quickly? Have you ever seen commercials for Rosetta Stone, but take a step back when you saw the $500 price tag? Most of us have. You, like me, have probably wished you could quickly and easily learn another language. I studied Spanish in High School (24 years ago), and didn’t learn much, then lived in Germany for two years and studied German in college. I know a little but never felt comfortable with it.
That changed just a few months ago. I attended a single day, yes, one day of a training from Velocity Language. Velocity was founded my Mentor Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, based on her 35 years of modeling people who not only speak multiple (more than 30 in some cases) but could learn new langu

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus

On April 20th, 2014, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback have organized a private webinar where they allowed 1000 attendees to be a part of the webinar. This webinar has been organized to clarify any confusion about Amazing Selling Machine and also about selling physical products on Amazon. As tens of people have not been able to attend the webinar because of GoToWebinar’s limitation, Matt and Jason have recorded the webinar and released it to the entire world.