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Seattle Internet Marketing For Small Business

Are you a small business owner in the Seattle – Tacoma metro area? If so we can help you build an Internet presence that will vault your business into more sales!


New Business Coaching Blog Post

Our friends over at Executive Coaching Los Angeles just posted a new blog about the Benefits of Business Coaching, Check it out!

The Reality Of SEO

As an SEO professional, I try my best to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in SEO every week.  I have been following and doing SEO for around 10 years now, originating with doing it for my very first personal website for my Life Coaching business.  It has changed dramatically over the years, but one thing I see has always been constant: Change! If you need help and want to build a long term SEO Strategy, contact us through our site: Seattle SEO Pros or my personal site Tony Husted

What worked 8 years ago will get you penalized in a heartbeat today. The tricks, tools, and shortcuts people went crazy for, and threw their eggs all into one basket a year ago, are now what people are trying desperately to recover from.   Any one method, or tool, once recognized to work well, is adopted by hundreds and thousands of individuals and companies around the world.  It doesn’t take long for Google to sniff that out.

I believe the lesson here is to pay attention to what is working, and use it, that is smart.  But, and this but is a big one, don’t venture your entire site, your reputation, or your business on one single method!  That method could in a very short term become the next penalized monster.

Use a well rounded and natural approach.  Look, research, and dig into sites that have consistently ranked well in your market niche.  What do they look like?  What is their structure and backlink profile?  What type of anchor text, social media, and web 2.0 do they employ?  How might you duplicate this for yourself?

The biggest advice I think I can give my clients is simple.  Look at the long term.  Always keep the long term in mind when doing anything with your business, and SEO is no different.