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Velocity Language Learning Coming To Seattle!

Part of the fun stuff we do:
“Is there is a fast and easy way to learn a new language? In 1985, Powell Janulus was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for fluency in 42 languages. He could often show beginner fluency and comfortably converse in a new language in just a few months.

How was this possible? Did he have a unique gift, or was his ability something anyone can do? Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D., spent 7 years researching Powell’s unique abilities and developed a system that would allow anyone to accelerate their language learning. Paul Gossen refined this into the Velocity model for instant communication in any language.

Velocity is based an advanced experiential learning methodology that embeds sophisticated accelerated learning approaches into simple ideas, actions and games. This methodology is has been refined over 20 years by Marilyn Atkinson and has been intensively developed by Paul Gossen. The process has been tested by everyday people around the world an


FB Ads Cracked 2.0 Is Coming!

The use of social media as a marketing tool has exploded in recent years, with Facebook ads now often a central component of the marketing strategy of firms. To someone who is inexperienced in the use of social media, marketing in this new way can seem opaque and tricky. In actual fact, generating leads via social media is much more straightforward than it may at first appear.